10 Super Weird Things You Can Only Do In Canada

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We’re weird and proud!

People are always looking for some new things to do. We want to be exciting and make sure we get the most out of life. I’m personally always on the lookout for unique experiences.

Canada is a great country and luckily for us, there’s a whole bunch of really weird shit that we can do here.

And as you’ll notice, they’re all distinctly Canadian. So get ready to be hardy and tough.

Here are 10 super weird things that you can only do in Canada, nowhere else:

1. Go rafting on ice

Who wouldn’t want to try ice rafting? How about an ice canoe race? Well, thanks to Canada, you can. Every winter, Quebec hosts the world’s largest winter carnival at which you can do all of these activties. The Saint Lawrence river is the perfect place for any and all winter water activities.

2. Hang out in a snake den

In the town of Narcisse, Manitoba, you can actually witness snake mating rituals. Every spring, up to 150,000 red garters meet in these dens to mate. And, if you want, you can chill with them. You can even pick them up! Maybe just not when they’re getting busy. Leave them alone for that.

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