10 Super Weird Things You Can Only Do In Canada

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3. Have a cocktail served with a side of toe

Up in Dawson City, Yukon, they have a specialty drink known as the “sour toe cocktail”. What is this you ask? Well, it’s a mummified toe that the Downtown Hotel keeps to amp up their drink game. There’s a $2,500 fine if you swallow the toe, so be careful. Over 60,000 people have joined the Sour Toe Cocktail Club. Will you be next?

4. Shoot a movie in an insane asylum

Riverview hospital is more than just the most filmed place in the North, it’s also a very famous and historic insane asylum. It’s decommised right now, so there are no patient staying there. But, it is open for filming with the right permits. Tours may soon be available as well.weird things,weird things,weird things

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