10 Things Irish People Do To Ward Off Superstitions That Are Actually Really Weird

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Happy (maybe not the right word) Friday 13, folks!

Irish people are a superstitious bunch. We’ve got all sorts of little tricks and charms to ward off bad luck, and they make complete sense to us.

But to the outside observer, well, we probably look a bit mad.

Saluting or waving frantically at a lone magpie

We can’t be the only ones who regularly do this. One for sorrow! You can’t ignore it, even if it makes all the other people on this street think you’re waving at them. Two for joy and you’re grand, though.

Picking up a penny and spitting on it

Seeing a penny and picking it up may give you luck, alright, but spitting on it gives you MORE. Who cares if it looks disgusting? weird things,weird things,weird things

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