10 weird things only students get excited about

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Check out these 10 moments if you’ve ever got unnecessarily excited on campus.

Chasing a degree to fulfil a dream can be a stressful experience sometimes.

It takes a great deal of determination and focus to overcome academic hurdles set for us to make it in life.

When you think about the multiple assignments, test, project and other academic tasks to contend with every day, you’ll probably not want like to go through the stress again after graduation.

However, academic pursuit may be a strenuous journey, there are some exciting things that happen during your four or seven years course in the higher institution.

We are here to remind you some of the exciting moments if you don’t seem to remember them.

1. When you pass the exam you that you thought you would fail

Exam time is probably the most dreaded period in the life of students. Nobody wants to have a carryover. But some courses can be so difficult that you only wish for a miracle to happen. And when it does happen, you can’t just help but jubilate like you score the winning goal for your country at the World Cup final.

2. When you see a flier for a campus event that’s giving away free food.

Now, you and your campus squad are broke and you just feel like eating anything that comes your way. Fortunately, while strolling through the campus looking for food, you see a flier about an event where students are being given free food…and you sprint with excitement. weird things,weird things,weird things

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