11 Weird Things That Relieve Stress & Make You Feel More Relaxed In Seconds

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If you can’t find some private space to suck on your thumb, subtly blowing cool air on it might do the trick, too. This is because¬†your thumb has its own pulse, and blowing on it will slow the pulse and therefore decrease your stress.

Since this one’s a little more low-key, it’s especially great to try when you’re at a stressful work event and can’t find an opportunity to sneak away.



Chewing gum while you’re stressed¬†has been shown to reduce your overall anxiety in any given situation, and it can lead to an overall more positive mood.

This one could be tough, since chewing gum isn’t always professional in a lot of work environments. But if you’re out with friends or on your own, chewing gum is a great way to blow off stress without going out of your way.

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