12 weird and cool things we found online to kick-start your spring cleaning fever

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Um, there’s a robot that can clean windows, people!

As the warm weather (slowly) appears, you may be motivated to do a little spring cleaning — getting rid of what you don’t need, organizing what you do and making room for more — so we can head into the fresh new season with a little more focus and efficiency. Who couldn’t use a hand with that? We’ve scoured the internet and found some… unique items… to help address your mess in ways you never might have thought of.

Window cleaning robot

While robot vacuums have made a welcome (and relaxing) addition to the cleaning universe, it’s time for them to become more dynamic. This window cleaning robot is a remote controlled device that magnetically climbs up your window (indoors or outdoors), scrubbing the surface while removing dirt and stains. The device plugs into a power supply, has 3 cleaning routes and is also able to clean tiles, floors, walls and tables.

Window cleaning robot, $169.99, Amazon.ca

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