12 weird and cool things we found online to kick-start your spring cleaning fever

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Robot mop

If you’d like another addition to your robot army, this one functions just like a robot vacuum, except it can dry sweep and wet mop. Programmed with GPS-like technology “to keep track of where its been and where it needs to go”, the mop function uses either water or mild cleaning solutions and comes with both dry and wet reusable microfiber cleaning cloths.

Robot mop, $254.99, Amazon.ca

Monthly pill organizer

With a universe of medications, herbs and supplements available to us, even the healthiest person usually takes a few pills every day. This monthly pill organizer has 31-day organizers, themselves divided into morning, noon, evening and bed (!) in a spiral setting with a prominent place for that day’s dosage, so you don’t lose track and don’t run out of what you need to take.weird things,weird things,weird things

Monthly pill box, $20.93, amazon.ca

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