15 Super Weird Things People Carried On Bikes

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We’ve seen greater than two folks on bikes. We’ve additionally seen issues carried on a motorcycle. However, these images right here take the extent of craziness to extremity. Whereas bikes like Yamaha and Harley Davidson are flaunted by “cool guys”, there is a selection of individuals depending on this two-wheeler. Often, a motorcycle is used between households as a transportation medium or when various things are to be carried. Whereas some delicate sensibilities discover it wild sufficient to hold two folks, on this listing, we’ve chosen the individuals who deal with their bike as a freaking bizarre truck. They’ve mastered the artwork of carrying issues that weigh even better than the bike itself. You’d be dazed to see these bizarre issues carried on a motorcycle.

1. When there’s a wall, there’s a WAY.

2. This man should be hoping to not get a speed breaker by his means.

3. The place’s the paddle? You see it?

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