15 Weird AF Things About Women’s Body That Will Make You Laugh Harder!

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We have compiled a list of 15 weird AF things people actually believed about women’s body and these will make you laugh hard.

Let’s have a look at these unbelievable things.

#1. Female Orgasm.

People also thought that women could only experience an orgasm from sperm. People thought women were so dependent on sperm that they could only climax if the man ejaculated inside the woman. Geez, thank goodness for men, amirite?

#2. Believed Cause Of Uterine Diseases.

In the 19th century, scientists believed uterine diseases were caused by men “withdrawing” prior to ejaculation. In other words, it was a total disgrace to pull out and keep a woman from experiencing the joy that is ejaculation. Semen deprivation = uterine disease, obviously.weird things,weird things,weird things

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