15 Weird AF Things About Women’s Body That Will Make You Laugh Harder!

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#3. Pulsating Womb.

And what, exactly, did they think a woman’s orgasm entailed? Just a “pulsating womb.” A real gem of a guy named James Ashton wrote that when a woman climaxes, her “womb becomes engorged with blood and moves up and down in the vagina, bringing the neck in contact with the male organ.” Hmmm. Ok.

#4. Fungal Infection.

It was also believed that if a woman had sex in any position other than on her back, she would develop fungal growth in her fallopian tubes, get cancer, and then die. Any pure, respectable woman would lay on her back with her legs firmly locked. Don’t be trying any acrobatic pretzel shit, girl…unless you want a painful death.

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