15 Weird and Strange Things You Did Not See Coming at All

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Among all the superpowers humans claim to possess, predicting the future isn’t one of them. There are a plethora of possible outcomes for any given situation and none of them can be assumed by a human mind. Mostly because there are too many humans existing on this planet leading to a lower prediction rate of behavior.

The people in the below compilation will result in assumptions on your part. Seeing how many of them you are able to conclude correctly, you can infer your standings in the intellect department. Most of these are funny, yet you will be left scratching your head.

1. People see a needle and automatically assume its drugs.


2. The dog’s wearing a half of the soda bottle on its head. As you can tell from its face, the little ball of fur is terrified as heck.


3. This is an experimentation you should try at your own risk but nonetheless, you should try.


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