15 Weird Things About How Angelina Jolie Raises Her Kids

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Over the years, we’ve watched as Angelina Jolie’s life has transformed from a wild card married to bad boy Billy Bob Thornton to being a humanitarian with a quiver full of kids married to dream hunk Brad Pitt. Of course, this last part has changed as they’re now divorced. But, not before the two of them filled a house with six kids.

Although she is thought to be one of the most beautifully humble women in the world and she is a passionate humanitarian for those less fortunate, she still operates like many other celebrities. Meaning, her family gets treated like they’re a cut above. Admittedly, for a parent to be biased is completely normal, so no judgement there.┬áBut, she does have an interesting approach to her parenting style and the rules she chooses to follow.

With six kids, her hands are full. Though, she seems to have it all under control. So, how does she do it and what really goes down in the Jolie-Pitt household? Here are a few things about this family that you’ll probably want to know.


Angelina Jolie is known for being incredibly lenient with her children when it comes to discipline. In fact, she really doesn’t have any rules for them at all. The kids do what they want, learn what they want, and wreak havoc on the house when they want.

Because she is so busy with her own career and her humanitarian efforts (and because she can afford it), she does depend on nannies to help her manage her brood of six kids. Unfortunately, these nannies don’t last long because there are no set rules for the kids to follow, so there’s not much for a nanny to do.

Apparently, her ex-husband Brad Pitt wasn’t so much of a fan of the no rules things. He had rules of his own that he made the kids follow. So who knows if Jolie has always been so lenient or if she is attempting to be the “good parent” in this nasty divorce.

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