16 Weird Things We’ll Never Unsee

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It seems that every year we were in school, there was some distressingly weird thing that nobody enjoyed seeing but had to show their friends. There were two types of people in the world: those who knew what the two girls did with that one cup, and those who didn’t.

Fortunately, nothing you’re about to see is anywhere near as gross as that, but you still won’t ever unsee it.

1. The really shameful part is that this is probably still priced like the regular kind since there’s no way of knowing this would happen.

Instagram | @meme.w0rld

So I guess that means we’re just stuck comparing weights so we don’t end up with the world’s worst Kinder Surprise.

2. It’s hard to think of a better sobriety motivator than having to look at this thing everyday.

Instagram | @______teenagers______

At least he seems like a friendly little guy, but the fact that he was probably drawn on a napkin before tattoo time doesn’t do him any favors.

3. Don’t let the pumpkins throw you, these aren’t Halloween decorations.

Reddit | kendo0o

I feel like any pizza delivery driver brave enough to knock on this door deserves a medal. At least this person has found a way to never get their packages stolen, though. weird things,weird things,weird things

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