6 Weird Things You Should Carry on Your Rides

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You have your basic tool kit, fuel and spare tubes, but do you plan for emergency situations or carry extra things to make your ride or post-ride more enjoyable? It’s fascinating to see what cyclists bring with them on rides, such as unusual tools, gadgets and food. The following ideas will help prepare you for anything so you can enjoy your cycling experience more:


My ride accessory oddity is a presta adaptor on one valve. These can make life easier if you get a flat near a gas station that has an air compressor. When traveling for mountain biking, the adaptor can also help make use of old floor pumps, or it can be used with gas station compressors to seat tubeless tires. A final bonus: The presta adaptor also functions as a valve cover.


Mitch Bailey of Trek Canada makes use of a cheap shoe or helmet bag, ideally one with two straps or a shoulder strap. Having one in your back pocket gives you something to strap to the front of your chest to help block chilly wind.

If you’re doing a point to point, commuting or end up stranded and in need of a pickup, the satchel can hold your extra clothes and gear so you don’t have stuffed pockets or a messy assortment of clothes and gear.


Evan Guthrie of Norco Factory Team is a gifted technical rider. He stuffs his pockets and packs to the brim on both cross-country and enduro training rides. For enduro rides, he carries tire plugs so that tubeless tires can be repaired and reinflated to provide maximum performance during high-speed enduro stages.

He also recommends carrying unique food on long rides. Evan has done mini burgers, pizza, hard-boiled eggs and even sardines in the tin to keep things interesting.weird things,weird things,weird things

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