8 weird things you’ll see if the government closes

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When shutdowns happen things get weird. Outside of a majority of federal workers being furloughed from work, a handful of services will stop or go on contingency plans.

There are also a few quirky things you might notice if you are still going to work or using government services.

Federal News Radio compiled a list of some of the weirder things you might see if the government shuts down.

No cable

If you’re an essential employee and headed into work don’t expect to have CNN on in the background. During the last shutdown, the Pentagon curtailed seemingly-minor creature comforts such as cable TV for service members serving overseas. The Armed Forces Network took all but one of its channels off the air because of furloughs at its broadcast center in Riverside, California.

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Care packages

As much as troops want to hear from their families and get letters and gifts from their families, it’s unlikely that will happen if the government shuts down. In 2013, DoD saw its support services take a hit. DoD held back care packages to troops in Afghanistan because of abrupt staffing cuts in the military postal system in Europe.

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